Where Does Commissioner Tom Mark Stand?

On the Economy

My first priority is creating a better place to live and work by enhancing Craven County economic development. We must make Craven County a more desirable and business friendly county to attract new business and expand present businesses. During the past four years we have created an economic environment that has increased our taxable base, reduced the 2014 of over 9% unemployment rate to our present rate of 4%. We can do better. We still have much more work in vocational work force development to attract better paying jobs.

So How Will Tom Approach This Challenge?

We must create a more business friendly environment by working as a team with other Craven County Commissioners, local jurisdictions; and state and regional partners. Let’s ask the businesses what they need to expand operations. With this team I will continue my work to attract quality new business and expand local businesses. It is important we balance our objectives with an approach that does not risk our thriving agricultural industry or our beautiful natural environment that is so key to our tourist business and quality of life. Providing a positive business growth atmosphere of lowest taxes possible, teamed with good government and a well-educated work force will make Craven County more attractive to business leaders. Balanced and wise growth is the operative phrase that makes everyone a winner. Here are my goals and objectives to meet our vision:

  • Keep USMCB Cherry Point a vibrant Department of Defense partner.

  • Expanded support for our forestry and agriculture business. Create innovative practices such as farmland preservation efforts and our voluntary agricultural districts.

  • Develop innovative vocational and farm career educational opportunities.

  • Encourage new small business growth.

  • Work with existing businesses and find ways to improved growth with such programs as “Craven County Works.

  • Work with regional government and business partners to improve our logistics transportation modes by developing rail, road, air, and port faculties.

    • Encourage the continued development of the Coastal Carolina Airport

    • Continue the effort to make US Highway 17 and US Highway 70 into major logistics routes.

    • Work with the rail system and Port of Morehead to improve the flow of goods to national and international stakeholders.

Tom Mark, Chairman Craven County Commissioner, Representing District 1

Where Does Commissioner Tom Mark Stand: On Governance

When you elected me, I took to heart the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of North Carolina. When I act in that office I do so on the behalf of District 1 citizens first and always. I am a fiscal conservative when I obligate the people’s taxes and government. As so, I apply a simple “acid test” to all my acts of county governance: 1) Is this the outcome of what the majority of my constitutes want? 2) Is it fair value at reasonable cost? 3) Is this the right thing for District 1 and Craven County now and the future? When I act on your behalf, it will be within a transparent county government that is opened to all and listens to all. I want you to better understand county government and make it work for you. I may not agree with you, but we can respectfully disagree and be cordial. It is the Board of Commissioners that sets county ordinates, policy and direction, and resourcing. We have a professional county manager form of government who executes the day-to-day county business. We have an elected sheriff who manages county law enforcement. We have other agencies, such as our volunteer fire departments, airports, hospital and other agencies we work with for the interest of our citizens. All are active partners and deserve a voice at the table. While I don’t believe in micro-management, I make my presence known to all county, volunteer, and other agencies doing business with the county within the confines of my position on the Board of Commissioner.

So How Will Tom Approach This Challenge?

  • Continue to work hard each day for District 1 and Craven County citizens to assure you are getting the services you paid for in county government taxes.

  • Continued to make county government more efficient and transparent by modernization of the county baseline business model with a new software package.

  • Continue to make the Sheriff’s Department more accountable and efficient.

  • Continue to appoint active citizens to the various committees and boards.

  • Continue work with federal, state and regional political, civic and business leaders for a better Craven County.

  • Developed the Commissioner Out-Reach Program that takes BOC meetings & Town Hall Meetings to various parts of the county.

  • Orchestrated the “Craven Connects” Program, where citizens could meet and talk with Craven County employees at the Convention Center.

Tom Mark, Craven County Commissioner, Representing District 1

Continuing the Journey Forward For District One and Craven County”

Paid For by the Committee to Re-Elect Tom F. Mark

Where Does Commissioner Tom Mark Stand:

Craven County Quality of Life

We have been blessed with one of North Carolina’s most beautiful lands and waterways. It is no wonder that this area was settled in great numbers by Native Americas and early Europeans. The combination of our waterways, urban, suburban; and rural farmlands and forest makes Craven County inviting to all who settle and visit here. We all must be the guardians of this land for future generations. We must work hard to accept the challenge of balancing the requirements of economic development and the maintenance of our natural habitats. We can’t compromise our environment, as the risk to people and the habitat are too great. Our forest and farmlands, so valuable in both providing a healthy habitat and cash economy are disappearing at an alarming rate in Craven County. Our farmers, foresters and commercial fisherman feel isolated and abandoned. Pets abandoned or brought-in to our county shelter need quality care and rescue programs.

So How Will Tom Approach This Challenge?

  • Tom’s outreach to the community with many outreach programs, town hall meetings and other communication platforms helping people better understand available county & state parks and recreational programs.

  • Tom’s leadership was responsible for assuring that a Tall Structures/Wind Towers county ordinances were enacted to protect USMCB Cherry Point and home owners.

  • Tom’s leadership assured that a responsible Solar Panel Farm county ordinance was passed to protect home owners and assure that power companies maintained the site and don’t walk away from responsibilities.

  • Tom’s kept his promise to clean Little Swift Creek and reduce flooding and hazards.

  • Tom kept his promise to adequately fund county parks and recreational services, added XXX Park on Broad Creek.

  • Tom stood shoulder-to-shoulder with family fishing businesses when they needed a voice. He kept his promise by encouraged farmers, and foresters, and their families.

  • Encourage good farming, forestry and fishing practices to safeguard the land and water.

  • Tom displayed the required leadership and concern to expand and make the County Animal Shelter safe and caring for abandon pets.

Tom Mark, Craven County Commissioner, Representing District 1

Continuing the Journey Forward For District One and Craven County”

Paid For the Committee to Re-Elect Tom F. Mark